R & F tissue mills is a proudly owned independent tissue Mill based in the heart of Mpumalanga.  We started up a single converting line in August 2000 employing only 20 people. Thankfully enough we have managed to grow from year to year whereby  In 2008 we put up our first Tissue Mill which has till now increased it’s monthly capacity from 150 Tons to 500 Tons of recycled jumbo reels per month.  Through persistent perseverance, we were fortunate enough to be able to afford our second tissue mill on site in 2014.  This machine produces a monthly capacity of 500 Tons Virgin paper.  We successfully manage to convert most of our manufactured product for the South African market which is currently packed into our own House brand offering various grades and pack sizes. 

We have invested in advanced technology, high calibre employees and believe that our open book policy has aided to our recipe of success.

Our mission is to produce an affordable product at unrivalled prices ensuring that our product quality will enhance the health, hygiene and well being of our customers and provide them with a premium quality tissue product.

The History Of R&F Tissue Mills

Here's a closer look into how our production process works

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