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Junior Safety Officer Needed


- Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures
Assist in updating and implementing company safety policy’s, safety procedures, inspections, training, Medial plan, toolbox talks, PPE, Incident plans and ensuring staff compliance thereof
- Ensure up to date inspections of interior and exterior work areas identifying risk areas and ensuring they are safely secured.
Continued monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and assist in developing measures to assure personnel safety.
- Correct unsafe acts or conditions through regular line of authority
- Assist in Maintaining awareness of active and developing situations
- Ensure that the compiled company Site safety and health plan is implemented and that all legal appointments are up to date
- Perform all duties related to IOD – examine causes of incidents, full investigating and reporting thereof – provide action plan towards further prevention of same incident
- Perform all duties related to required training and coaching of staff.
- Perform all assisting administrative and other duties as required.
- Weekly reporting on progress of work done and regular feedback on outstanding tasks.

Below is a more detailed guide of what is expected from you as Junior Safety officer – within the guidelines of research and information obtained from Health and Safety consultants, the internet and other companies -

– Assist in the development, implementing and maintaining an effective program and ensure compliance to satisfy

the requirements of local legislation e.g. the OHS, COID and Environmental Conservation Acts.

– Assist in developing systems to ensure all employees comply with all relevant legal safety requirements.

– Identify safety training needs, organise and co-ordinate safety training courses and prepare training material

where appropriate.

– Ensure monthly Safety, Health and Environment reports are submitted to your Senior/Manager.

– Co-ordinate the monthly safety meeting

– Ensure meeting times are set.

– Agendas are sent out.

– Minutes are kept and sent out.

– Ensure that all support documentation in respect of the safety program is received on time and in the

– correct format from all concerned parties.

– Assist in the appointment of safety representatives for all departments.

– Completion of Toolbox talks and filing of the attendance registers.

– Ensure baseline medicals are completed where required.

– PPE to be ordered, monitored and issued – ensure accurate record keeping thereof.

– Communicate changes in Safety and Environment legislation to Management.

– Assist in evaluating incident forms, surveys, and audits to establish root causes and together with Supervisors and

Managers concerned, formulate a plan of action to correct non-compliant behaviour or conditions.

– Ensure written investigations are done on all accident / incident and near miss related matters keeping all

documents filed and up to date.

– Liaise with on site contractors to ensure their compliance with Company safety regulations and adherence to

safety standards, including basic safety induction training.

– Assist with and solely conduct surveys and audits as required to identify and minimise the risk to company and


Office Administrator

Key responsibilities

To provide the production department management with an effective administrative support service by performing production, purchasing and sales related duties.

Behavioral Competencies: 

  • Customer Focus:
    The ability to handle clients in an effective and professional manner.
  • Action orientation:
    The ability to take prompt action to accomplish objectives and being pro-active.
  • Problem solving:
    The ability to quickly grasp the core of a problem, attend to relevant detail when analysing the problem and to determine possible causes for a problem.
  • Quality orientation:
    The ability to meet quality and productivity standards.
  • Flexibility:
    The ability to adapt work methods, ideas and habits to align to the changing environment.
  • Teamwork:
    The ability to act as part of a team and to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team.
  • Attention to detail:
    The ability to identify errors and correct mistakes.
  • Task structuring:
    Plan, prioritise and structure own work to achieve objectives.
  • Technical knowledge:
    The ability to understand the technical aspects of spares and equipment needed ensuring the run ability of machines and plant equipment at all time
  • Sales
    The ability to negotiate pricing with clients, getting the product sold and off the floor keeping warehouses as low on stock as possible


Grade 12

  • Good Communication and typing skills
  • Computer skills
  • Numerical skills


5-10 years in a production and or technical environment

  • Basic knowledge of Omni system

Salary negotiable

Email CV to vacancy@rftissuemills.co.za

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